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1. 10" gable and eave overhangs

2. 7/12 16"o.c. engineered wood

3. 7/16" OSB roof sheathing

4. Full length attic ridge ventilating system

5. 6-panel interior hollow core doors

6. R-19 batt type wall insulation

7. House wrap weather barrier

8. 1/2" gypsum sheet rock - glued, screwed and foamed on exterior

9. 2"x6" exterior wall studding with double top plate 16"o.c.

10. 7/16" OSB sheathing, glued and fastened

11. Aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit

12. Architectural asphalt, self sealing shingles with 30 year warranty

13. 48" freeze barrier under shingles

14. Vinyl double-hung, insulating glass windows with full screens

15. 2"x10" stringers with pine tread and plywood risers

16. Exterior coach lights at front and rear doors

17. Door chime at front and rear doors

18. Exterior all weather GFI receptacles front and rear

19. Insulated fiberglass exterior door with no maintenance PVC frame

20. 1/2" gypsum drywall with smooth finish on walls and 5/8" fire rated type X gypsum on ceilings, two coats of white primer paint

21. 2"x4" interior studding with full 8' ceiling height 16"o.c.

22. FHA approved 25oz. plush carpet with 6# pad

23. 3/4" tongue & groove fully sanded OSB floor decking, glued and nailed

24. 2" x 10" floor joist 16"o.c. with mild span blocking

25. 200 amp service panel with circuit breakers

26. 2"x10" double band joists

27. Double marriage band joists with 2"x2" ledge strip

28. Copper water lines and schedule 40 PVC waste and vent

29. Custom comfort, high gloss vinyl floor covering

30. Custom kitchen cabinets with recessed panel oak doors

31. 8" deep stainless steel kitchen sink

32. Custom formica counter top

33. 36" wall cabinet above refrigerator space

34. Colonial-style wood window and door trim

35. Crown moulding over kitchen cabinets

36. Wood sill on all windows

37. One piece fiberglass tub/shower with single lever anti-scald faucet

38. Vanity drawer base cabinet with cultured marble sink bowl and single lever faucet

39. R-30 batt type ceiling insulation

40. Low maintenance vinyl siding

41. Optional porches and decks

42. Metal Strapping

43. Gable end out lookers

44. Solid Cabinet Blocking

*Standard Specifications are Subject to Change.

To learn more about the specifications of our custom modular homes please call.


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